Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Syd Barrett founded Pink Floyd with Roger Waters not David Gilmour. He joined the band to replace Syd after too much LSD use affected Syd's interactions with the world. I love Gilmour but to Syd I say "thank you". Rest in peace, wish you were here.

Speaking of psychedelics, psilocybin (shrooms) are back in the news. I have to say that it must have been a pretty boring trip under the circumstances they set. Classical music for volunteers with an average age of 46? Pink Floyd would have been more fun. The birth of a child. Never heard it put that way before.

Numbnuts. Whining. Again. How could Modo date this throwback to the dark ages? Most women have more sense than to play football and if there wasn't so much money thrown around as payola, the schools wouldn't need so much money to run their sports programs! What kind of an argument is "well, you already have everything else, please let us have this one thing"? Please let us have our boys only clubs again because girls don't really like this stuff. Try the shrooms for a different point of view.

Geneva, not just in Switzerland anymore. We're back in the 20th Century again. Which in this case, is a good thing.

TV critics have no respect for the Summer TV Press Tour. From the D-List to Death March with Cocktails the networks must feel like Rodney Dangerfield.

Not the best retirement plan in the world, but it worked out. Right on.

I saw Superman Returns last night. I had that free ticket from last month that expired yesterday and they accepted it for Supes, so I and eight others enjoyed the show. Since I have already accepted that a man can fly, have x-ray and heat vision while being invincible to everything except kryptonite it seems a little churlish to quibble about a timing issue. If Lois gets into a cab and says goodbye to Clark after giving her address to the driver and leaves during rush hour, how does Superman arrive at her home, which is located outside of major traffic areas, after flying directly there and find her serving takeout Chinese food? Other than that, it was a pretty entertaining movie. Parker Posey rocked!

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