Sunday, July 16, 2006

Smoking In The Back Room

And it must be some pretty potent stuff to think that America is so dumb as to fall for this one. World War III, I don't think so. Is it on the horizon? You bet. Why? Because so many people are trying to make it so. Peaceful solutions are out of the question for the warhawks and they like it that way.
The Seattle Times: Search Results: "Gingrich said in an interview Saturday that Bush should call a joint session of Congress the first week of September and talk about global military conflicts in much starker terms than have been heard from the president.

'We need to have the militancy that says 'We're not going to lose a city, ' Gingrich said.

Gingrich said in the coming days he plans to speak out publicly and to the administration from his seat on the Defense Policy Board about the need to recognize that America is in World War III.

He lists wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, last week's bomb attacks in India, North Korean nuclear threats, terrorist arrests and investigations in Florida, Canada and Britain, and violence in Israel and Lebanon as evidence of World War III.
Afghanistan was never finished because Osama been Forgotten was just a figurehead until Bush could go after his main target, Iraq. The bomb attacks in India are India's problem until they ask us for help. If you have outsourced work over there and are worried it might be destroyed, bring the work back to the U.S. so American workers can increase their standard of living.

North Korea is because the ball was dropped and Kim Jong Il is treated like a joke. Talk is cheap, which must be why we aren't doing it. Florida, oh please. Only after the FBI supplied everything, including the plan and would have had to supply the materials. Canada and Britain are sovereign countries and will ask for our help if they need it. Israel attacking Lebanon was a foregone conclusion once the Syrian army was gone. They were just waiting to throw a little fuel on the fire.
He said Bush needs to deliver a speech to Congress and 'connect all the dots' for Americans.

He said European leaders and some in the Bush administration who are urging a restrained response from Israel are falling short of what needs to be done 'because they haven't crossed the bridge of realizing this is a war.'

Once that's accepted, he said, 'Israel wouldn't leave southern Lebanon as long as there was a single missile there. I would go in and clean them all out, and I would announce that any Iranian airplane trying to bring missiles to resupply them would be shot down. This idea that we have this one-sided war where the other team gets to plan how to kill us and we get to talk, is nuts.'"
Connect the dots? I'll connect the dots for you. Power, rapture, intimidation, rapture, control, rapture, I have mine too bad about you, rapture, I'm white and you're not, rapture. It goes on and on.

What in the world makes them think that God wants his handiwork in a flaming ruin? What part of "Thou shalt not kill" wasn't taught in Sunday school?

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