Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Links

That picture is disturbing, isn't it? Every time I see it I shudder. I could take it down, but why? Fortunately for us Americans this isn't a daily occurence in our lives, but it is in the Mideast. So I'll leave it up, to disturb me when I get complacent, to remind me how lucky we are that we just cause this kind of tragedy, not that we have to live with the results. So far.

When I went to camp nobody took medications. Seriously. As I read this story it made me wonder, not for the first time, if maybe their isn't something wrong with how adults see kids nowadays. I listen to moms who are frazzled by one kid and I remember when I grew up that it wasn't unusual to see families with four or five kids. All pretty happy and well adjusted. What has happened in the intervening 35 years besides the "me" generation? Are kids the new drug frontier? I'm one of those people that believes drugs are for pain relief, physical malfunctions (asthma, not impotence) and recreation. Anytime you need a drug to get through life, you have a problem that needs to be addressed and it shouldn't be with a drug. Drugs cover, they don't solve. This is what any recovering drug addict will tell you. Why would depression or a headache be any different?

Is there any way to save money on gas? Changing your driving habits seems to be the best way. All of those fancy gadgets and additives you see on tv don't work. Drive slower on the highway. This will save you money on the insurance also.

Tasty collard greens. You can substitute salt pork for the turkey and tabasco or another southern hot sauce for a more traditional flavor, don't forget to drink the liquor. Tasty and full of vitamins.

It seems that if you are a lone woman over 60 you have an increased chance of dying from heart related problems than if you were married. Unless you are divorced. Strange. I wonder if it matters when you got divorced?

For you Windoz users with little cookiemunchers, it's toddler keyboard time. BabySplat. Interesting name.

Even though I am a major Foghead, when I'm in the car and don't have the Ipod connected, I listen to Max-FM for the same reason I have the pod on shuffle. Never know what is going to play next. Great idea!.

Did you know that the order you eat your food in determines how many calories are absorbed? Me neither.

Not safe to view at work. For my favorite heretic.

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