Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday's Thoughts

As a rule I don't like antidepressants, I think they are overprescribed and that people want a chemical solution to an emotional issue. I would be interested in knowing how many conservatives and those of religious persuasion take antidepressants or other mood altering prescriptions to regulate their behavior. Now we are starting to see the studies showing the other effects on the body.
UPDATE 2-U.S. FDA warns of new antidepressant risks�|� "Combining some antidepressants -- including Prozac and Zoloft -- with certain migraine drugs known as triptans could result in a life-threatening condition called serotonin syndrome, the FDA warned.

The agency also warned about a possible fatal lung condition in newborns whose mothers take certain antidepressants while pregnant."
I would use it, but I haven't seen one yet. Shai hates baths and she is so small that bending over in the tub is a pain. And the price is right.

The speculation continues. A year? A whole year or more before we find out? I have no choice but to wait.

Renovating your house? Contractors with benefits. I guess they are good at nailing.

Eleven months later and FEMA is still proving that its mission is not to help, but to control the spin.

Crazy, just crazy. I think some people who are running the country are infected already.

I was a victim of this myself the last time I was in the hospital. 1.5 million errors. Each year. Good thing they don't fly planes.

Salmon and spinach together. Healthy, quick and tasty.

They could keep their resolutions to themselves. The Lebanese people do not deserve to pay this price. If your issue is with Hezbollah you don't kill civilians, you figure out a way to go after the real enemy, not the bystanders. Who cares what we think anyway? We haven't found Osama been Forgotten and we forced another country into civil war. The greatness left this country a few years ago, now all we have are blowhards of a bygone century trying to maintain the illusion of relevancy.

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