Thursday, July 27, 2006

Welcome To The Club

I have been an isolationist since the mid-sixties. My dad first noticed it when I was nine. I believe that American tax dollars should be spent in America, on Americans, taking care of America's infrastructure, medical care for her citizens and a good educational system to groom the next generation.
Americans Showing Isolationist Streak, Poll Finds - New York Times: "A majority said the war between Israel and Hezbollah will lead to a wider war. And while almost half of those polled approved of President Bush’s handling of the crisis, a majority said they preferred the United States leave it to others to resolve.

Over all, the poll found a strong isolationist streak in a nation clearly rattled by more than four years of war, underscoring the challenge for Mr. Bush as he tries to maintain public support for his effort to stabilize Iraq and spread democracy through the Middle East."
Wasting time, money and our military in an exercise in futility is not what most Americans want. Why should the Middle East have democracy when we don't? We have our own city to rebuild (New Orleans for those with short memories), voting issues that need to be addressed (Ohio, Georgia and Florida spring to mind) and a master criminal to track down and bring to justice (that would be Osama bin Forgotten). That's just for starters. Bridges need to be fixed. The electrical grid obviously needs help and we need to create jobs that aren't at Wal-Mart.

We are not the world's policemen or the world's savior. Might does not make right. No matter what Karl Rove says.

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