Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Governing Is Hard Work

The Preznit tells us so. Congress, that useless body with the useless non-binding resolutions. Congress, that body of people who can interfere in the death of a single woman, but do nothing to improve the lives of their non-corporate constituents. - Dobbs:�Five-weeks off for 'Do-nothing Congress' - Aug 2, 2006: "This Republican-led, do-nothing Congress is on its way home for a five-week vacation. I'm sure while there, they'll be glad to explain to their constituents why they need so much rest in a year in which they will work fewer than 80 days.

The Republicans in Congress have little to brag about when they return home. And the Democrats have a lot of explaining to do, as well. Once the party of the New Deal, Fair Deal and Great Society, the party of working men and women, the Democrats are now buried as deeply in the pockets of their corporate masters as are the Republicans.

The Democratic Party has played a major role in helping to pass legislation that is grossly injurious to middle-class Americans and their families. This Congress, Republican-led with complicit Democrats, has cut $13 billion in college-student aid, passed numerous free-trade agreements that threaten good-paying jobs and approved an unconscionable bankruptcy law written by credit-card companies that is nothing less than a federal government heel in the neck of American families bankrupted by catastrophic illness and crushing medical bills."
When all your bills are covered, you vacation at someone else's expense and you have guaranteed retirement income, it is hard to understand how the little people don't save enough money to cover unexpected expenses.

While they are on vacation maybe they can learn to tie their shoes for all that campaign walking. There are different ways to tie, depending on the shape of your foot. Who knew?

OMG! Then I bumped into this story. Only in Washington. Saturday Night Live or the Onion couldn't have topped the truth. Please, you need to go on vacation after all that stress. Unelected interlopers. Wow!

My version of a blogging mash-up. I guess I'll go check out "Brokeback To The Future". Sounds interesting.

Great, just great. Would this apply to my Verizon card also? I have Airport turned off, but I admit I am on the web rather frequently. Talk about synchronicity, I just got notified of a softward security update and it concerns wireless connections.

This Haditha situation is atrocious. A definite command failure, from the Commander in Chief on down. I think this guy might want to reconsider his lawsuit. Not looking good at this point.

But I like bacon and sausage. Stomach cancer is decreasing, but it is still a threat. The uncured bacon tastes pretty good. Thank goodness for Trader Joes. Love that store.

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