Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Simple Life According to Paris, Nicole and Bobo

Bobo needs a large cup of STFU while he learns the difference between the super-wealthy (Paris and Nicky Hilton, repeal that estate tax, they might go broke because of stupidity) and those who work for a living (albeit a very good one).
Bye-Bye, Bootstraps - New York Times: "Through some screw-up in the moral superstructure, we now have a plutocratic upper class infused with the staid industriousness of Ben Franklin, while we are apparently seeing the emergence of a Wal-Mart leisure class — devil-may-care middle-age slackers who live off home-equity loans and disability payments so they can surf the History Channel and enjoy fantasy football leagues.

For the first time in human history, the rich work longer hours than the proletariat.

Today’s super-wealthy no longer go off on four-month grand tours of Europe, play gin-soaked Gatsbyesque croquet tournaments or spend hours doing needlepoint while thinking in full paragraphs like the heroines of Jane Austen novels. Instead, their lives are marked by sleep deprivation and conference calls, and their idea of leisure is jetting off to Aspen to hear Zbigniew Brzezinski lead panels titled “Beyond Unipolarity.”"
As opposed to racing down the hall to hear the latest speech on cutting back on overtime but still increasing production and there will be layoffs at the end of the year, do you have that report yet? My heart is just breaking for them. Not.

He reads a couple of articles and assumes that the rich are suffering. Give me a break. The middle class can't afford to pay attention, much less goof off. The only reason why the rich are suffering is because all of a sudden they have to pay a living wage to legal citizens to do all those jobs that they consider beneath them. No more illegal aliens until the brouhaha dies down.

Bobo, you need to run for Congress with that attitude.

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