Monday, August 28, 2006

I Screwed Up

I updated to Blogger Beta and am having some difficulties until I update my template. I will lose some of my favorite stuff and I'm hoping that Blogger will make raw html editing available by the end of the week. What is this fascination with iframes? Unfortunately I don't have time to futz with it today as I am still building the patio and depending on the amount of beer ingested this afternoon, I might still be working on it tomorrow.

Two weeks ago I knew nothing about construction and now I'm familiar with the lumber and hardware sections of Home Depot, Lowe's and OSH. I've been told I make a pretty good assistant (I fetch the beer, nails and other small items) and heights aren't bothering me as much. This is kind of fun and mom is enjoying the increased privacy. Shai just sleeps.

Meanwhile, did you know that over 40,000 people have deserted the United States military since 2000? Me neither.

One year later and we are still clueless. We could ask the Dutch for help, but that would eliminate all the opportunities for graft and corruption that all those corporations and their no-bid contracts have been enjoying.

Look who's back in the news. The cynic in me wonders why now. It isn't as if anybody in the administration has cared for the last few years and to casually mention that Bush had dropped the ball (as John Kerry had pointed out) at this late date....

Thanks to The Sideshow for the link to my Sort of Science rant.

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