Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sort Of Science Sunday

Science has been dismissed by the Bush administration as unnecessary. From the dangers of cleaning up the debris from the towers after 9/11 to global warming to stem cell research, the right is determined to live in the dark ages and they want the rest of us to join them. No matter what science achieves, the Vatican will never approve and the conservative Christians will find another excuse to protect the un and never born. These are clumps of cells that will never become life but they can be used to save life.

Bush and his ilk know Jack about science and by choice they will never know more. All the right-to-lifers care about is bringing a child into the world. They don't care if it is suffering or will suffer a horrible disease. They don't care if the mother dies. They don't care if the home situation prevents the child from receiving a good start in life and then do their best to make sure the child pays for being born into the wrong family. They don't care if children spend their childhood in a violent foster care situation or in a group home, as long as no gay people are involved in loving and caring for them. Once the child is born, it is eligble for the death penalty if it doesn't assimilate correctly into their version of society. They don't care about people, they care about imposing their world view onto everyone. Sort of like the Taliban or their successors.

Motorhome, RV, 5th wheel or micro-home, it doesn't matter, McMansions are on their way out. Hopefully.

Somebody besides me thinks that our failing infrastructure is one of the biggest dangers the United States faces. Who would have ever thought that this great nation could be described as "fragile" and be correct?

The country of Chad believes that corporations should pay taxes, what a concept. Perhaps they could pay taxes in the US while making obscene profits. Somehow given the current political climate, I doubt it.

The Emmy's are tonight and I don't really care, it's the same people every year and my favorite never wins. Mom and I have been watching Kyle XY on iTunes. For an ABC Family show it is very adult and the storyline is fascinating. All the actors are excellent and the kids are real people. From Netflix I'm watching Sliders and enjoying it very much, so far. Yes, I love science fiction.

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