Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Littlest Things

Make some people very happy. While everyone else is swooning over the First Renter and his reading of 'The Stranger', I'm thrilled to discover that he can read. Everybody but me seems to be reading it. Next thing you know it will be this summers Da Vinci Code. Presidential Daily Briefs weren't deemed to be very important, but the Presidents reading of a classic work of fiction merits a whole column by Modo.
Camus Comes to Crawford - New York Times: "One is Jean Girard, the villainous gay French race car driver hilariously played by Sacha Baron Cohen (a k a Ali G and Borat) — the sinuous rival to Will Ferrell’s stocky Ricky Bobby in “Talladega Nights.”

Girard, a jazz-loving, white-silk-scarf-wearing, America-disdaining Formula Un driver sponsored by Perrier, is so smooth he can sip macchiato from a china cup, smoke Gitanes and read “L’Etranger” behind the wheel and still lead the Nascar pack.

Frenchie contemptuously informs “cowboy” Bobby that America merely gave the world George Bush, Cheerios and the ThighMaster while France invented democracy, existentialism and the m�nage �trois.

The other guy kindling to Camus is none other than the aforementioned George Bush, who read “The Stranger” in English on his Crawford vacation and, Tony Snow told me, “liked it.” Name-dropping existentialists is good for picking up girls, as Woody Allen’s schlemiels found, or getting through the clove-cigarette fog of Humanities 101. But it does seem odd that W., who once mocked NBC’s David Gregory as “intercontinental” for posing a question in French to the French president in France, would choose Camus over Grisham.

Camus is not beach reading — or brush reading. How on earth did this book make it into the hands of our proudly anti-intellectual president?"
He probably thought he was reading a biography of the Wilson sisters.

As if he reads, dude doesn't even watch tv unless it's sports. What does he do to relax when he isn't falling off some piece of sports equipment or insulting another head of state? Hmmm.

With everything else that is going on in the world, George's so-called reading list doesn't interest me in the least. Not one flipping bit. Not. One. Iota.

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