Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nuggets of Interest

To me, anyway. This is sad. I feel like I'm responsible for the decline in ridership. I used to travel from San Diego to San Jose several times a year on Amtrak. I have taken the Coach Starlight all the way to Seattle and back. I enjoyed it so much and was very relaxed when done with my vacation. I met wonderful people and the scenery was absolutely magnificent.

On the other hand, the one trip my nephews took with me was an unmitigated disaster. They probably feel like most of the people in this story and will never ride again. Me? Any chance I can, I will ride the train.

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. I am going to have to read the book, the four page excerpt has whetted my interest. The differences between the female brain and its testerone marinated version (no joke!) are quite intriguing.

Whackos. Supporting whackos with WMDs in the hope of making something come true that a basically European religion believes in and nobody else had ever heard of. Until recently. Now they take odds on the apocalypse.

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