Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Traipsing the Web

Praxxus has a new George Bush funny. Yes, Bush is a saint.

State sanctioned suicide is okay, as long as you killed someone else first. You can call it the death penalty, I call it suicide by lethal injection.

My brother N. isn't going to like this one. If a cold is in the neighborhood, he always gets a visit. If you suffer from nasal allergies, you have a slightly increased chance of Parkinson's. Ibuprofen can help, as long as you don't have any heart problems.

A shot for depression. Sounds good, but I can see the potential for abuse.

Don't care how much it costs, this just reflects the incompetence that has been rampant in business and government since 2001. With the obscene amount of profits that the oil companies have made and obviously not reinvested back into the business, I do not feel compelled to have sympathy for their lack of foresight (if that is the problem) or any price increase they plan on the consumers paying for said mistakes. Suck it up, just like I have to if I get a flat tire or the timing belt breaks on my car.

Cold cases. Being solved by the detectives that missed them the first time. Or at least from the same era. Older people are being appreciated more and more for their talents. It's about time.

I know someone who hates this guy and would prefer that he be roasted for real. It would have to be one sturdy spit though. I will definitely want to catch this show. Kevin Pollak does the best impression of Capt. Kirk, this should be priceless. And the outtakes! Wonder if someone will imitate MacArthur Park. I hope not, once was enough.

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