Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday's Threat Assessment

They really do think we are dumb, therefore Bert and Ernie have made their appearance in my sidebar.

Timing is everything and this latest alert looks very suspicious. Lieberman loses and the scare tactics come out of the woodwork. If Britain had been watching these guys for a while, what made them act yesterday of all days? If you can't lie to the people, if you can't tell them the truth, then you must invent scenarios to control the people. Fear is a great motivator and this administration has used it over and over again to great effect.

The airline stocks are taking a hit, people are running around saying things that are reminiscent of 9/11. That would be 2001, for those people whose memories are short.

Liquids and electronic devices are now suspect. As one guy said on the radio this morning, he can see a day when all travelers are nude and sitting on benches. You can forget the idea of talking on your cell phone while in the air and your iPod might not be allowed either. All in the name of safety (aka power and control). This was about a plot coming into the country, so of course we overreact.

This isn't going to help the direction of compassion and tolerance that this country used to pride itself on. Speaking of people forced to wear badges, how is Israel doing in its battle with Hezbollah? That disappeared right off the front pages. Iraq? That is sooo yesteryear. This is making me long for the days of a missing blonde woman.

I am not disputing the fact that there may have been a plot, I just find the timing and the reaction to be suspiciously convenient. Way too convenient.

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