Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wandering The Web

The Twelve Step Disaster Recovery Plan, by way of Driftglass. What a great sense of humor and an even better turn of phrase.

Stephen at Daily Brainwash found an article about a principal blaming black students for bringing down the school average. Over the loudspeaker.

Maybe No Child Left Behind was a mistake? Why should this program be exempt from the incompetence and short-sighted thinking that has accompanied every other policy of the Bush administration?

Rationalizing religion. The G (large or small) spot seems difficult to locate.

Food combining, the scientific way. Pretty useful information and a new subject for me to study. I love food.


  1. When I eat poorley my body simply will not function at high levels. Whe I eat properly I can conquer the world.

    The principle is an ass.

    I have read studies written about how meditation affects the front part of the brain. Prayer does not seem to have the same effect or is that affect.

  2. Effect. The same response can be found in Tibetan monks. Focus is the key or the lack thereof.