Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bring On The Babies!

Well, isn't this nice? Taking advantage of women when they are stressed and deceiving them. Religious fanatics only goal is to have the baby born. They don't care what happens after that and they certainly don't want a black baby at their church. An eleveth grader has no business becoming a parent, so now we have another family on the welfare cycle, until we kick them out under the guise of helping them pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
For Cheryl and Makiba Smith, ending up at the wrong clinic was a mistake they say they are deeply glad to have made. "God sent me to that clinic," Cheryl Smith said.

In August, they returned to Severna Park for another sonogram, this time with Makiba's 17-year-old boyfriend, Gregory Byrd. In the waiting room, they talked about plans for a baby shower and a day-care schedule so Makiba can finish 11th grade.

In the exam room, her fetus filled the monitor once again, this time 7 months old. The sonogram showed the beating heart, the rib cage, the right hand a tiny fist held close to the face. The fetus yawned, fell asleep, woke up again.
How cute. As if that is all the kid will ever do. After a few months it will require more time and attention that its mother and father will be able or willing to provide. No offense, but the grandmother doesn't sound to on the ball either.

Raising a healthy and happy child involves more than giving birth. What is society going to do for this child and what will the child be able to give in return? What kind of school will it be able to attend to enable it to earn a living and not be a drain on society? What kind of counseling and child development programs will it have that might prevent a life of crime and end the cycle of poverty?

Wouldn't a better course of action have been to let her have the abortion, given her counseling, taught her about her body and started her on birth control? If she gets pregnant again, it is her problem. Ignorance will no longer be an excuse. In the long run most people would benefit from this decision.

Instead, we have another girl on the circular path to nowhere. A life without a future bringing another life without a future into the world. Exactly what kind of help is that?

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