Friday, September 08, 2006

Connecting The Dots

Finally. It has taken five long years to get one comprehensive article out of the mainstream media to show that torture is not an isolated incident, that it is part of the administration's policy to dehumanize a vague enemy.

Now, if someone would do an article on what this misbegotten policy has accomplished and give specific instances where torture has led to the expose of a viable terror plot it might be worth it. But they can't because torture does not work. No matter what you see on 24. And wasn't this one of the so-called reasons for deposing Saddam Hussein? He was a bad man and tortured is own people.

This article in the Columbia Journal Review is the most comprehensive and insightful discussion of how the American public trust was compromised by obfuscation of the truth by the Bush administration and the complicity of most of the news editors in America.

As many times as we (bloggers) have railed about the big picture being lost in the Katrina debacle, the rendition and torture of human beings who have not been tried or charged with a crime has been consistently pushed to the back of the news, deemed unworthy of indepth coverage because nobody else (according to the article) had done it. When did the press become sheeples?

We now have almost five years of history showing that the Bush administration considers itself above the law. For people who have been in a hurry to rush off to any war they can find in a vain effort to prove their manhood, this country is not safer and the citizens of the USA are less safe in their travels around the world. We have lost the respect of most of the world, Afghanistan is returning to the ways of the Taliban, Islam is on the march and we lost the moral high ground so long ago that it now resemble the Marianas trench!

For the average American this translates into: What's on tv tonight? Maybe we can watch that 9/11 movie and then we'll know the truth.


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  1. This article was very disturbing. Brave reporters tried to get the story out there, but were shut down or put in the back pages. What happened to journalism? What happened to the people's right to know?