Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Curious Wednesday

When I was getting my Masters cheating was rampant. It drove me crazy. Some teachers used the same tests from year to year, or alternated and thought the students wouldn't catch on. The students used to hide papers when I walked past, I would rather have a B than an A that I didn't earn.
The funniest part of all this was our second year end exams. Big stuff and I hadn't studied because I was apprenticing at the same time and didn't have time to join study groups and practice rote memorization. It was a two day test and I was so sick I could barely hold my head up. Out of fifty four people I was one of seven who passed all sections, cheating didn't help the rest of the class. Why do people want to take shortcuts on the important things?

I smell an election, the price of gas needed to come down to take pressure off the GOP. These guys are so obvious but it doesn't matter because Americans are easy and they will fal for it.
Tabasco sauce is a staple in my house, as it was in my father's. I love hot sauce and have tried quite a few but Tabasco is my all around favorite. Other sauces have specific uses, Tabasco tastes good in more things overall. In my humble opinion.

The New World would certainly look different today if this had happened five hundred years ago. Henry Hudson and James Cook might be remembered as explorers and not lone quacks in the history books, instead of as an afterthought to Columbus.

Another case of penny wise and pound foolish. While our corrupt administration blathers on about security and protecting us from terrorists, mines are collapsing, food is unsafe to eat and the friendly skies are liable to become a little too up close and personal for me. Two years from now this country will be unrecognizable, with health care, quality food, transportation and housing only availiable to the well-to-do, the rest of us will have only the memory of a country that espoused equality for all.

Hell is freezing over and some aren't happy about it.

Speaking of the devil, Hugo Chavez weighs in on Bush's speech (rant) at the UN yesterday.

I love fish, when I had money I used to eat sushi frequently which was a good thing because raw and smoked are the only ways I really enjoy salmon. Nothing on earth is likely to make me like mackerel. I've tried it maybe ten times and that is more than enough. Now it seems as if I might have given myself some protection against kidney cancer and I was just trying to make my tastebuds happy.


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    Ramani and I are now working together on improving this hack, so that the "Read more.." line is only shown when there is a "fullpost" part.

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  2. Speaking of the devil, Hugo Chavez weighs in on Bush's speech (rant) at the UN yesterday.

    Yup he did, but he really needs to loose the suit. 4-button, Euro-trash is so out. man, get yourself a nice 2-button American power suit. So this year.

  3. I think the recent gains in approval rating have more to do with gas prices than they do with spook speaches.