Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What Do His Clothes Have To Do With It?

Seriously, what do his clothes have to do with anything? The first few sentences can also apply to our dear leader.
It was galling to be lectured on ethics, truth, justice, virtue and respect for the rights of human beings by a Holocaust-denying, Iraq-meddling, American-hating pipsqueak. A guy who showed up to address the United Nations without even bothering to wear a tie, so casual in a disco-looking cream suit and open-necked pink shirt he looked like he was going to kick back later in Chelsea.
Was he supposed to show up in a black robe with a beard and Koran? You can chill, I don't think he's going to Disneyland.
If President Bush was bland, oblique and condescending in his U.N. remarks, bypassing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak directly to the people of Iran, the Iranian leader was more blunt — referring to America and Britain disdainfully as “the occupiers.” “Not a day goes by without hundreds of people getting killed in cold blood,” he said. “The occupiers are incapable of establishing security in Iraq.’’
No kidding! People are abandoning Baghdad in droves and they certainly aren't emigrating here to this bastion of "democracy", where thinking is discouraged.
Mr. Bush played down Osama for five years, while he focused on Iraq. But his ill-fated detour into Baghdad just ended up magnifying another enemy and giving Mr. Ahmadinejad a huge strategic opportunity to stoke the growing fundamentalist and radical Shiite surge unleashed by the bungled occupation. Because W. blew off diplomacy with Iraq, he is now hostage to diplomacy with Iran.

The Iranian president sounded more scornful of the U.N. than Dick Cheney. “If the governments of the United States or the United Kingdom, who are permanent members of the Security Council, commit aggression, occupation and violation of international law, which of the organs of the U.N. can take them to account?’’ he asked.

With their usual cultural tone-deafness, W. and Dick Cheney failed to appreciate the shrewdness of their nemesis, and continued to arrogantly act as though everything is going along great in their clash of civilizations.
Of course things are going great, Mrs. Cheney said so, "hurt the towers", what a freakin understatement. Of course that is better than Duck! nattering on.
He said this is “a test of our character,’’ and then went on to defend all the administration’s attempts to put itself above the law on the wiretapping, torture, and detention programs that have undermined America’s moral repute in the world.
Ivory towers are wonderful, aren't they? Bush and cronies seem to have cornered the market, there aren't any left for the rest of us.
W. has now put so many bad actors in the terror stew — some of whom hate each other — and has justified so many sketchy programs under the war-on-terror rubric, that the word “terror” is losing all meaning and just becoming a marketing slogan. Even the Republican columnist Peggy Noonan says that W. can sound like “a historical drama queen.”
Are you sure she didn't mean "hysterical"? Bush and company have cried wolf so many times since the henhouse was broken into, that nobody with any sense listens anymore. It isn't that I don't believe we won't be attacked again, I just don't see us doing anything constructive in the security area, I just see Americans and their rights being limited. Nothing is happening to the terrorists. Except the opportunites we are giving them to double and triple their numbers.

Eventually one of them is going to figure out a way to hurt us and we will never see it coming because we have been so busy chasing bogeymen and criminalizing Americans.

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