Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hacking Blogger Beta

Yesterday was blog maintenance day. I installed a few hacks into Blogger Beta, some of which make my life easier and a few to enhance the browing experience. I can't code, but I can research and follow directions.

PeekABoo. Now you see the posts (+), now you don't (-). This hack and several others are courtesy of Ramani at The Hackosphere, he gives great instructions that are easy to follow.

I'm having foot surgery in a week and will be off my feet for six weeks. I'm going to Categorize all my posts and then I might install the Labels as Tabs hack. I'll need something to do since I won't be allowed to walk.

Then I headed over to Hoctor's Place to add a Breadcrumb trail to the item, search and tag pages so people can find their way Home. I like it.

I also added a quickie. That's a quick edit pencil for the top of the post , it makes it easy to edit. Yes, I know there is one on the bottom, but what's wrong with having two, each conveniently placed?

Once the comment feed is working I'm sure someone will come up with a hack to show the comments in Peekaboo style like the Dark Wraith, so meanwhile if you guys ever leave a comment the last five are supposed to show up in the sidebar, courtesy of some German site and a handly little Dapplication.

I'm sure I will find many more uses for their web scraping tool. The future is fascinating.

Have you ever tried Cooliris Previews? It takes mouseover to a whole new level. I only have to click on a link if it has the information I want and that is just the beginning. This is a Firefox extension but then you aren't using Exploder are you?


  1. I'm still testing the comments, they are stuck in a loop and I can't find the knot.

  2. I'm beginning to think it is a Gmail problem, the filter isn't forwarding.