Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hmm, Highly Interesting

Let me get this straight. Hypothetically, if you are busted for drug possesion and go to prison (a good percentage of the prison population falls into this category) then you are at risk of becoming an Islamic extremist. This study point out a host of factors involved in breeding home grown terrorists.

Outsourcing, budget cutbacks...

And lack of access to qualified religious personnel are helping to sow the seeds of discontent (other than being in prison) within America's prisons. This is probably not a good idea. Or in our best interests.
Umm, I don't know what to say, I can't even figure out whether or not this story is funny or sad. I'm sure the surgeon did a bang up job.

Who cares? Nobody outside of this country believes anything Bush says, knowing that the rationale will change with the next wind.

We don't have the troops, the equipment or the will to go to war with another country, not that will stop this arrogant fool.

Instituting the draft will only provide bodies, not skills. Our military has been used and abused for the last five years, they have very little left to give and Bush has no right to ask.

Who knew the Chinese had a sense of humor? Brave guy.

Got it up, can't get it down. We never learn. Sigh. A bad design is a bad design and it doesn't matter how you dress it up, it still won't fly.

Or land.


  1. You know someone less known, closer to the poverty, and a minority would have been taken to jail and kept there a very long time if they would have been caught with the same type of drugs.

    Prisons breed all kind of hate, religion is just one of those.

    Is there more in your post because I clicked on the read more link and it did not work.

  2. The chinese do have a wonderful sense of humor. Yet in a very polite way. ;-)

  3. I thought that if it was up for more than four hours, you were supposed to call a doctor!