Friday, October 27, 2006

Blogging, Games and Names

I wondered why everyone was complaining about Blogger this week. It seems that Blogger was having problems that didn't affect Beta. I'm so happy I switched.

I'm also happy with Firefox 2. I had been running the release candidates for a while and now have most of my extensions enabled. I tracked down new versions of Colorful Tabs (I'm running the Cloudgnome theme and my close buttons work) and Blogger Web Comments. Now, if I could just get History Submenus enabled, the Fox would be a really smooth ride.

Jolly Roger over at Reconstitution has a couple of great posts up, I still can't comment there, the spam checker hates me and my computer. I give up after four tries now, I won't do the twenty tries like I used to. Maybe I've been banned but I seriously doubt it. Anyway, he has my new favorite name for the Decider. Domestic Enemy #1.

Oops, JR was leaving a comment here while I was typing this.
The Chimperor can't find his own ass with GPS directions.
but what if he uses the internets to reach The Google?

What does waterboarding feel like? This isn't dunking their head in a bucket of water to see how long they can hold their breath, it's like being pulled in by a riptide, tumbling over and over again, occaisionally seeing the shore or the sky, but not long enough to get a good breath without a mouthful of water. Domestic Enemy #2 should try it before he waxes poetic and thinks it is a no-brainer. I hear he wants to go hunting again. I hope it's for four legged animals this time.

My dad and I used to play Scrabble and I'm pretty good at it, but I play to see if I can make words, not points. So, when I saw that someone had scored 830 points in one game, I thought boy was he lucky, everything must have fallen into place for him and that's what happened.

This is the last time we set our clocks back in October. Unless you live in a state or territory that doesn't participate in Daylight Savings Time. We spring forward on March 11, 2007.

If there is a hell, I hope that the person who started the Palm Springs fire enjoys the roast.

The cakewalk that isn't, just keeps on taking. Since we don't like to remember history, we forget that during the American Revolution we kept fighting against all odds to remove the invaders from our shores. Does our hubris prevent us from understanding that other people feel the same way about their country?

F'shizzle. Dude, it's an airport, they are paranoid there.

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