Friday, October 27, 2006

Whee! Here We Go!

Civilization as we have known it is about to change. Our race to the bottom is in full swing and we are on our way to becoming just another big country on the map. All indicators are showing that the rest of the world is moving on without our help and who can blame them?

Economics and international finances are not my strong suit, but I am perfectly capable of reading and watching trends. If people invest their money somewhere besides America, no matter how hot the stock market looks, you will have less jobs, less money and less maneuverability. Then you go into survival mode and try to hold on to what you have which means that you don't expand and then you die.The housing market is in freefall without a parachute, and the effects are starting to be felt throughout the economy.

I would have a Guiness to ease the pain but it is too early in the morning and there seems to be a new formula. Besides, the problem won't go away with alcohol, it needs to be addressed by intelligent thinking and planning.

Oh look, it's finally occurred to the banks that they can't afford to repossess all those homes. They should have thought about that when they were writing the loans.

Too funny not to include. What kind of memory expert forgets the prosecutor had cross-examined her in a previous case?

Are we on our way to a Soylent Green, Gattaca or the Jigsaw Man experience? Since Duck! Cheney thinks it's ok to waterboard a terrorist suspect, it should only a short leap for the Dark Lord to endorse using prisoners to benefit society. At least the upper echelons (filthy rich and donate to the cause). He can always use the excuse that he didn't do it first and this way they won't really need stem cell research since it won't come from babies, but adults. I've always wondered why he didn't have a heart transplant, I guess they couldn't find a block of ice cold enough.

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  1. Well...I think I will move somewhere remote before it hits the fans.