Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Congress And The Troops

The real story. Who really supports the troops? Not just magnetic ribbons, faded and tattered flags, glorious speeches or photo opportunities in a flak jacket, but votes that affect active Military, the Reserves, the Veterans and their families. Is your representative doing their best to make sure that while our troops (sometimes over and over again) are fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here (isn't that this week's excuse?), that they are getting all the help they should be entitled to? Would you like to your representatives accountable?

Now you can find out courtesy of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and the facts aren't pretty. They collected information on over 300 votes that affected them and found that a majority of Congress hasn't been all that supportive with 86 members scoring in the No Child Left Behind we must penalize you category.

Unfortunately I noticed with very little surprise that when it comes to supporting the troops, Republicans across the board finally discovered their love of small government and even smaller budget allocations. That's my current government; start wars without a plan, ask a few to give all and then penalize them financially, morally, and emotionally. Then wipe your hands and walk away.

Why is it that a Congressman can serve one term and have medical and retirement benefits but people who lay their lives and bodies on the line for their country have to come back and fight to have the government fix what they broke? It should be automatic. You get hurt fighting over there, we take care of you. They aren't mercenaries, they are our citizens who believe that fighting for this country is important and worthwhile. Who is Congress to tell them otherwise?

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  1. It always suprises me when veterans still believe the Republicans are better for veterans and active duty military, when facts prove different.

    But it is like a myth, hard to understand why people believe it, like the myth that democrats are sisses. I know a lot of veteran democrats who would disagree.

    I also wonder what the ratio of veterans per political party are in the Congress and Senate. I will have to check into that.