Thursday, October 26, 2006

Critical Thinking And The Lemmings

Reading stuff like this first thing in the morning makes me ill. It makes me wonder why I care so much about a nation of thoughtless lemmings who look at problems through a narrow scope and are incapable of envisioning the future unless it is a theory for their favorite tv show.

The myth of smaller government. When will people realize that the Republicans have spent us into debt for generations? From the false Department of Homeland Security to the Iraq war that we are losing to a stupid fence whose only purpose is to provide a positive slant for the upcoming elections.

Hello? The wear and tear on the cushions of used cars tell the story also. More weight equals more damage, both financial and physical.


  1. Most people have no understanding of any of the laws. But they can tell you how the voting on Dancing with Stars works

    People love myth.

    That fence will be like putting a band aide on the fingure of someone that is having a massive coronary.

    People are just fat dumb and happy. Have a slurpee while watching American idol?

  2. Deb
    My email reply to you always bounces back to me as unsent. Do you have the right info on your email? Rick J

  3. It's the right address on my profile, though it has changed since July.