Friday, October 27, 2006

First It Was Real Sex

That affected a candidate in an election, now it can be fictionalized and held against you. Modo finaly has a column with some bite. Lately she's been writing fluff, and uninteresting fluff at that.
Candidates around the country have been race-baiting, gay-baiting, Michael J. Fox-baiting and Hispanic-baiting. But now it has come to this: Republicans are novel-baiting.

Still trying to recover his balance, after slipping on a macaca and admitting he was a Jewish bubba, one criticized for using racist language, displaying a Confederate flag at home and keeping a hangman’s noose at his old law office, Senator George Allen of Virginia unleashed a vicious attack on Jim Webb Thursday night. He called him a fiction writer.

Senator Macacawitz, as he is now known in Washington,
She is too funny, slipped on a macaca. But my favorite is this one, she isn't any more fond of the Dark Lord than I am.
The Republicans’ usual trick — having Dick Cheney terrify women into thinking that terrorists will kill their children if they vote for girly Democrats — isn’t flying this year, so now the G.O.P. is resorting to more personal, and goofy, attacks.
This whole election cycle is turning into one big clustermuck. Whatever happened to debating the issues? The ones that actually affect the quality of life of your constituents? I've seen four year olds with a better grasp of public behavior and these guys are running for the Senate.

I guess the difference between men and boys really is the price of their toys.

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