Monday, October 23, 2006

Four In The Morning

First thing in the morning and I had to call someone a moron. Dude from the right is so angry he can't think straight. He confused Jane Wyatt who passed away last night with Jane Fonda. Called her Hanoi Jane, accused her of meeting with the North Koreans (?) and hopes she burns in hell. Nice guy.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, we say goodbye with a heavy heart. I never watched Father Knows Best, I had one of my own, but she will always be Amanda Grayson to me. Journey to Babel was an episode that I heard about but didn't get to see until the reruns in the seventies. Thank you for your work, rest in peace. Ooh, Spock's mom was older than his dad. I?

Electronic voting machines might be hacked. Ya think? Hello, this is old news, the vote in 2004 was hacked, now maybe people will pay attention, but I doubt it. However the story gets out there is all right with me. Bush has been a little too sure that the Republicans were going to win the midterms, without a poll to support his gut.

The Scalito brothers were burbling this weekend. According to them it seems the news media and the general public don't understand what's going on because we don't have legal degrees and don't understand the boring details, we look at things too simplistically. Stick a sock in it, we can see what you're up to, and it isn't constitutional. It wasn't me gave the boy wonder the idea and the tools to suspend habeas corpus.

Say you're 23; no job, never been laid, never been kissed, never held a gir's hand and no immediate possibility of it in your future. Getting not one, not two, but 72 virgins in paradise for being a martyr sounds like a good option. Unfortunately.

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  1. Notice how conservative man was wrong on the facts. Many conservatives live on myth not reality

    I really liked her. Sad

    I was thinking the same thing about Bush's assurance that all would be fine for the republicans. But, he is delusional.

    Most people I know around here don't like reading or listening to fancy words.

    Virgins are overrated. ;-)