Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Still Not Able To Drive

Which according to this latest report, might be a good thing. If we are going to need two earths in less than 50 years, we had better get that space program on the road. So to speak. Not only does it have to be viable but we also have to discover another compatible planet. I think it might be faster and more effective to try some type of dimensional space travel. Or, if things keep on going the way they are, we might solve the problem by blowing ourselves back to the stone age.

Anyway, I got the hard cast off yesterday and because I have proven to be a rational patient, I get to have a removable cast for the next four weeks while the bone adheres to the titanium rod. It still isn't strong enough to support me but is coming along quite well.

My poor leg and foot look so different. My calf still has some musculature, but not much. My big toe is about a quarter inch shorter than it used to be and the middle (where the piece of broken bone was floating around) and bottom of the foot are still numb. It feels very weird. I know my hand is touching my foot because my hand tells me so, but the foot is silent. So, still no driving until the removable cast comes off.

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  1. We are slowly killing ourselves by killing the earth, yet most do not seem to care. Whe the bad stuff starts to hit the fan then people will notice and say, "How could this happen all of a sudden?"