Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Megalomaniac In Chief

He is out of control, out of touch with reality and out of his flipping mind. He's worried about control of space when as a nation we can barely add and subtract successfully but we "feel" (please explain why young people cut themselves in an effort to feel) good about ourselves. Those Nobel prizes are going to become scarcer and scarcer the longer that no white child left behind is practiced.

Who died and crowned him the omnipotent ruler of the universe? How exactly are we going to deny space to other countries when our space program is so old and dilapidated that we can't even guarantee a successful blast off and then have to inspect the shuttle in space before they can return as if we could send a rescue team up if needed.

Did al-Qaeda develop a space program while we were invading Iraq under false pretenses? The Chinese are going to do exactly what they want and we will not have the power to stop them. The European Space Agency is coming along nicely and don't forget that Virgin guy. Bush can huff and he can puff all he wants but due to his overwhelming stupidity and shortsightedness the United States is becoming irrelevant. All talk and half assed action is what we have become good at.

He has signed the Military Commissions bill which gives him carte blanche to lock up anyone at will and then throw away the key. Now the FBI wants the ISPs to keep a record of their customers viewing habits which was preceded by Chertoff warning that people could learn to be terrorists by surfing the internet. How can anybody not believe that martial law is just around the corner?

Bush is not going to give up power willingly, it doesn't matter what the results of the upcoming elections are, he will find a way around it because he has two months before the new Congress is sworn in and his liberal use of recess appointments and signing statements shows a pattern of willful disregard for the legislative process.

Excuse me while I go brush up on my German, I will need to be able to plea for my life when America has her very own night of the long knives. I just ran this past my mom and when I started to read parts of this post she interrupted me and said "that sounds like Hitler". Well, she should know since she spent the first fifteen years of her life with that madman in charge.

Why does history keep repeating itself?


  1. Nacht der langen Messer.

    Yikes. Wouldn't put anything past this idiot in chief.


  2. I have Space is The Place by Sun Ra running around in my head. But, like everyone else, you probably have never heard of it!

    Anyway, can we just start calling Bush Meglomaniac.?

  3. Who died and crowned him the omnipotent ruler of the universe?

    Oh, I get it. Word association!

    Ok...uh...uh...Ronald Reagan!

  4. I am hoping he has his sights set where a president usually does at this juncture, his book deal and his lecture tour.

    ps: lady i sent you an email.