Thursday, October 19, 2006

Success! Finally

The inline comments hack is now working and they are peekaboo enabled. Click once and there you are, click again and it collapses. Just like the posts. You never leave the main page and the post pages have the comments already there, provided there are some. Hopefully someone will come up with a hack to post without going to blogger and it will be perfect.

This way it should be a little easier to track what's being said although I'm not fond of having to use javascript to get the job done. It adds to the loading time which is why I have as little as possible in my sidebars.

Thanks to Singpolyma for his hard work.


  1. Wow! That's a nifty hack! Makes me think about ditching Haloscan . . . .

  2. I'm really enjoying playing with Beta. It is much easier to modify the template. I love geeks, they do the work, I reap the benefits.

    It's a good thing.