Thursday, October 12, 2006

The New TV Season

Is much better than last year. I am enjoying several new shows in addition to the old standbys (CSI, NCIS, Numb3rs, BSG, Lost, L&O,). I would like to watch Veronica Mars but can't find it online or iTunes. I don't have cable and I seem to be surviving pretty well.

iTunes has been very helpful, while CBS and ABC have great online viewing options but I haven't been as faithful to old shows as I am to my new interests. NBC forces me to pay iTunes because I won't use Internet Exploder and I use a Mac, but then I have the episodes to watch over and over again if need be.

Three new shows are on my new must see list. First up since it starts at the beginning of the week. Heroes. It is fascinating, the characters are interesting and I just like it. Wednesday scores with two new shows. From CBS we have Jericho, which up until recently sounded a little far fetched, now, not so much. This also has great characterization and an engaging storyline even though I am wondering where the people from the plane and the train went to, maybe those questions are answered in last night's episode which I still have to watch. Jericho actually introduces plot points that most shows would gloss over, like 24's (I can hardly wait for January!) nuclear explosion in the second season did. What would happen to all those planes in the air?

Lastly, we have The Nine on ABC. I like it. Dark, gritty and fascinating, just like the others (no not the ones from Lost). It continues on the path blazed by Boomtown in showing the same scenes from different perspectives. There's the truth and then there is what actually happened.

Hopefully these three shows will make it to the end of their storyline, unlike Kidnapped which I also enjoyed.

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