Thursday, October 12, 2006

Umm, Yes I Do

Because you speak with either a forked tongue or you are talking out both sides of your...mouth.
On the radio, Rice asked rhetorically, "Does anybody really believe that somebody would have walked into my office and said, oh, by the way, there's a chance of a major attack against the United States and I would have said, well, I'm really not interested in that information?"

"I mean, it's just ridiculous," said Rice.

"Of course we knew that there were grave threats that were being -- that were in the intelligence during that period of time," Rice continued. "We were actively working with the FAA, working with other domestic agencies."

Rice claimed that "even though it appeared that this attack was likely to take place overseas, we were putting our forces on alert, we moved our ships out of port."

"We had a very active program to deal with what were nebulous threats but quite serious threats in this period," Rice said. "So the charge is just ridiculous."
Is that why September 11 happened and nobody knew what to do until after all the damage was done? Didn't she say no one could have anticipated that anyone would hijack a plane and fly it into a building? And where is that Osama been Forgotten again guy? I get confused since she uses the exact same excuse for whatever scenario is presented to her.

In regards to how many Iraqi people have been killed and the difficulty Ms. Rice has in conceptualizing hundreds of thousands why doesn't she try some simple math. The Iraqi people have lost over ten thousand people in sectarian violence since May. That isn't counting those we bombed, shot, raped or killed since we invaded their country in March 2003. Granted the numbers are higher now but they have always been up there, the US just decided not to count the Iraqi dead (they really didn't matter to the PTBs) until recently. I rather think that the Iraqi people have a better idea of what is going on in their country than you do. Speaking of which, Riverbend is missing and I trust her accounts a heckuva lot more than I do yours. I really don't want to add her to my RIP category but it isn't looking good because she seems to be a responsible type and it would have to be an extreme circumstance to prevent her from voicing her opinion.

Ms. Rice you should be concerned about her because she was supposed to benefit from this democracy that you keep babbling about, not have her life in utter ruins, unable to venture outside the home without proper dress and an escort. That would be a male family member, not the Secret Service.


  1. I believe very little of what Rice says.

    The Iraq death claims have always been thought of as higher than what people actually noted by those outside of the US and especially the Middle East. And we wonder why they are more pissed off at us than ever.

    As you stated Riverbend has not had a post since aug 5 and I like you am worried for her.

  2. I am still stunned every time I hear a wingnut talk about how "brilliant" Condoliesalot Rice is.

    I'm sorry-this is the absolute stupidest person to ever hold the positions she has held in Government. She may be as stupid as her boss is-the jury's still out on that one. She should have stayed in academia, where you can pass forever even if you'd never make it a day in the real world.

  3. JollyRoger, I still can't comment on your site. I try about 10 times before I give up. Very frustrating. That word verification thing hates me. Cookies are enabled and I dropped all my script blocking and I still can't comment. Waaah!

  4. OK, I'm having Freaky Friday fantasies, Deb. You and Condi switching places and...

    Well, you'd make a better Sec. of State but that means she'd be running this blog. Forget it...

  5. Thanks JP, i qppreciate it.