Friday, October 20, 2006

Sick And Funny

So, I'm surfing through my blogroll and Praxxus has a great video if you like it on the twisted side and need a laugh. He doesn't post as often as he used to, but always worth a visit.

Cool, there is hope that the earth can repopulate itself, not necessarily with humans, after everybody gets the bomb and as Omnipotent Poobah over at less idiots points out rather eloquently...
The more I look at the situation, the more I think that things are sliding rather rapidly to a new and different kind of Cold War. This time around, the MAD principle isn't going to work. Someone who's willing to fly the 6:45 flight to Chicago into a high rise won't give much thought to lobbing a nuke at their neighbors. The high-minded ideal that nukes are a danger of the past and that we'd passed the need for all that destructive power is dead too. Now, we'll find all manners of crackpot Amadenamacallits and Kim (You Make Me) Il Jungs ready to redecorate half a hemisphere with a well-placed nuke.
That was funny, in a sick sort of way. He has some great turns of phrase in the rest of the article also. Clear thinking with a good rationale. He's going on the blogroll.

The WaaPooh was slamming this morning. First up, it looks like over 600,000 Iraqi dead might be accurate. Now they are limiting the mortality data released to the UN. You only restrict what you want to cover up.

Can Bill Clinton be VP? There is some talk on the matter. He can't be elected again but he can succeed to the office. Like he would be in any emotional condition to serve under those conditions. Oh well, people have to do something with their time.

I always thought that speaking in tongues was involuntary, that the spirit just came upon you, because if you can control it then how much is spiritual and how much is wishing it so? Whichever it is, not allowed to do it here.

If the ignorant shouldn't vote then maybe these two should stay home. I wonder what happened regarding her voting in the wrong precint in the last election. Thank goodness she's past reproduction age. Meow. Wow, two new links in the blogroll, both in the O's.

A leftward slant... at Fox? Surely you jest. Thanks for the laugh.

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