Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nothing In Particular

Last night I had two of the best tomatoes I have ever had. My tomato plant finally produced more than one red tomato at a time. I love heirloom tomatoes but it was late in the season when I started growing them and all OSH had left were Early Girls. Flavorful doesn't begin to describe the experience. I have about fifteen more left on the vine, hopefully it will stay warm for few days and they can ripen naturally. Next year I'm going to do several different varieties, this is so exciting.

I only got one meal out of the swiss chard but it was killer. Picked and cooked within a half hour. Magnificent. Next year I will have a better idea of what I'm doing. I love fresh food, don't you? I hated peas until I had some that were fresh picked and cooked, now I love the things.

In other unimportant news, Heroes rocks! I am fascinated by the storyline. I thought the show would be cheesy but it isn't. The characters are interesting and I'm beginning to see where it's going. I could be wrong since Tim Kring is a good friend of Damon Lindelof (Lost) and friends usually have some things in common. Devious storytelling is probably one of them. My favorite line from this week: Nicky's not here right now.

Everybody links to Keith Olbermann so I don't need to, but I hope that his being relatively famous will provide him some protection in the coming pogrom.

The invisibility cloak is coming closer to being a reality. The government should be swooping in at any moment and appropriating it for military use or for the new nobody but us gets to rule space program. Or the spooks will want it. That could be a pretty interesting fight, oh to be a fly on the wall during those conversations in the nut, I mean White House. But then that's why they won't let civilians have it. Too much potential for finding out the truth.

I have few new blogger beta hacks but I can't remember what they were, internal stuff I believe. You can now label all your old posts with the new label management system but it isn't perfect yet. I have quite a few posts tagged with the Bush label but it only shows seven, unless you click on the label and then you find quite a few more. This is a Blogger problem I'm not going to spazz on. What I would like is the ability to delete some of my labels and make subcategories to neaten it all up. Somebody will find a simple solution soon.

Update: Ask and you shall receive. You can now remove your labels on the manage post page. Yippee! But you can't correct spelling errors or change the capitalization, yet. Can subcategories be next?

I've been running the Firefox 2.0 RC3 for a few days and haven't had any major problems. I really like the spell checker, now if would only do grammar . Most of my extensions don't work and I'm surviving (I guess some of them aren't really necessary) but there are a couple I hope become functional soon. I want my unified Stop/Reload and Clear Cache buttons back, History menu so I don't have to open my sidebar (why do people like sidebars, they drive me crazy), Colorful tabs and Blogger Web Comment and I'll be pretty happy camper.

Advice on how to be a successful space tourist. Hmm, how would I be able to do what I want? How much privacy will there be?

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  1. I can see I'm going to have to get some tomatotes at Whole Foods tonight. I love to spread hummus onto a slice of bread and then slice a fresh tomato onto that, and add salt and pepper.