Saturday, October 07, 2006

Somber Saturday Morning

The Washington Post has an absolutely heartrending article about those brave people who sort through the possessions of the dead and severely injured from Iraq and Afghanistan. I cried through most of it and can still feel the emotional impact. I have the most sincere admiration for those who do this job (they are gearing up for the winter season because that is when the numbers increase), they understand more than most the toll that our military is paying in Bush's determination to stay the course. All the way to the cemetery.

How many more ways do the American people need to be shown that things are worse than they think before they start demanding that their government listen to them?

I mean what can you say about a government whose Secretary of Defense really is the secretary of defense...for the administration's failed strategy in the war on "terror"? Reading his latest list of excuses defending the last five years in Afghanistan, trying to make it look like we have accomplished something wonderful, when in reality (where the rest of the world resides) the situation is deteriorating as fast as Iraq can break into thirds.

Dude, you are so last summer. Your fifteen minutes of fame are up. Really.

Korea. My dad did two tours over there and three of the few pictures we have of him are from his tour in 1972. It looks just like the background on MASH. Anyway, North Korea is rattling sabers again. I'm still a little confused on why we haven't been paying attention to a country that has nuclear weapons and threatening a country that doesn't. But then this is typical of the Bush Administration, missing the forest for the trees. I just hope we don't have to pay as big a toll as the last time they disregarded warnings of impending danger.

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