Friday, October 06, 2006

Thanks For The Lesson

In IM speak. I never instant message, I don't even have a program on the computer because it irritates me so much. There is nothing in my life that is so interesting that I have to butcher the English language in an attempt to communicate quickly. If there is something that is that important, then that is what cell phones are for or I will see you in person.

For some reason whenever I was signed in, even if I was supposed to be hidden, somebody would find me and pop! a little window appears over something that I'm reading. Grrr. Therefore, I know none of the code words or abbreviations, but Modo has a way of explaining it in terms that I understand.
Indeed, the president and his top advisers were IM-ing just last night about the party’s meltdown. I hacked into the OVAL1600 chat room and prepared a transcript. Warning: politically explicit language, reader discretion advised.

Decider: hey

Rover08: ya

Decider: Dick, u here? Don?

DarthV: ya, potus

Rumstud74: ditto, boss

Decider: I called denny to tell him i just can’t quit him ...brokeback party ... did we decide right?

Rover08: ya ... even if we’re now the party of gays and a weak military, let’s not let the Dems paint us that way

DarthV: obvi

Rover08: btw, denny’s toll-free tip # was pretty lame ... 1-800-HORNDOG or whatev ... reporters r joking the spkr’s IM name is fatfallguy06 or CapitolRotunda

Decider: lol

Rumstud74: golly, dont care who gets voted off island, long as it’s not me :)

DarthV: dont worry, rummy, u know we’re BFFs

Decider: wait! I thought I was ur BFF ...
I couldn't handle any more because it too accurately reflected the current situation with a good chance of being true.

That saddens me.

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