Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Alice's Restaurant

Mom just reminded me that my song is coming up. Every year, some time around noon, a radio station near you will play Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie. All twenty something minutes.

It is, in a word, classic. The lyrics tell a brilliant story (antiwar, about the draft), extremely humorous, easy to identify with, and unfortunately, just as skeweringly accurate now as it was then. It's a good time that shows you that not much has changed in forty years. It gets me how topical it still is.

Have a listen, you'll enjoy it. If you sing along you burn calories and it makes you smile. That's always a good thing.


  1. As a kid I used to spend most of Thanksgiving avoiding my annnoying step-aunts and step-cousins by sitting in my dad's car and waiting for this song to come on. Then in for a bite and back out for the next playing.

    Now that we spend the holiday with my real relatives, who I like, I've outgrown this habit. (Plus, now I can just cue it up on the iPod whenever I want.)

  2. I'm going to put it on the pod but it is one of the few traditions that I still adhere to. This year there was no turkey or cranberry sauce but I did have the sweet potatoes and the song.

    I'm missing pumpkin pie. Do you remember mincemeat pies? I thought they tasted horrible as a kid, now I sort of enjoy it. nobody makes it anymore. Sigh.