Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday Observations

I watched Jeopardy last night. Margaret Spellings was on but she lost to Michael McKean. He was confident, prepared and he kicked major tush. She was so far behind that it was obvious they asked him to be quiet for a while. He had 30K before Final Jeopardy, there was no way anyone was going to catch him. Wonder how it felt to lose to one of the better stoner actor comedians?

Shameful. I definitely wouldn't want their karma. This is what makes it so hard for other people to help others in times of need. Innocents will suffer because of a greedy few. The saddest part is the arrogant ungratefulness and the lack of shame.

I agree with this guy. Hiding the military dead from the public has desensitized us to the cost of the war. Unless you know someone who has been personally affected, this war is something in the abstract. You know, fighting them over there so we don't fight them over here. It's easier to pretend than it is to deal according to this administration. It's the way they handle every crisis.

A very different Thanksgiving menu. Purple potatoes cook quickly so be careful, otherwise they'll be mushy and watery. The pumpkin pie spice trick works with Pine Sol also. People think you've been cleaning all day.

A list that Marie Curie (the only winner of two Nobel prizes in different disciplines) and Paris Hilton are both on? I wanted to be on the list but it seems that there is some popularity involved.

Good advice if you are going to be a house guest over the holidays. No matter how good your friends and family are, good visiting manners are always welcome.

I don't know if I would call John McCain b.s. free but the rest of the article was great. We definitely are the land of the fake and the phony.