Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Children, Cauliflower And The Weather

I liked the Wiggles. I don't have kids but I saw an episode once and thought it was entertaining. I was fascinated by the Star Trek colors and the ...exuberance of the group. This doesn't sound good, I wish Mr. Page the best and hope he improves quickly.

What's up with trying to kill an eight month pregnant woman by her husband? You would think that the husband would have learned from the Scott Peterson case to get a divorce, but noo, he opted to hire a hit man instead. The hit man had ethics. Imagine that, he didn't.

Wonderful. They used as test subjects a generation that has known only brand names for their whole lives and then don't wonder why they got the results they did. Of course their brains lit up when they saw brand name logos. They've been preprogrammed to think brand names are better than the unknown. I wonder what the kids were wearing when they took the test. If anybody had been paying attention to the subjects and not the subject matter they probably would have anticipated the results. Sheesh.

I'm child free. By choice and design. I'm also single. By choice and design. This disturbs some people, mainly members of my family. I don't really care. I'm a firstborn by almost four years and that made me the built in babysitter. I was forced to have my brothers accompany me every where I went and they had to be supervised until the day I left home at eighteen. I hated it (I'm pretty sure they weren't too fond of it either) and have been in no hurry to repeat the experience. As I like to put it, the clock never ticked because it was never set.

After mom is gone my fantasy life would be to live by myself, not too close to neighbors, internet and access to fresh food. I know it sounds antisocial but I am somewhat of a hermit. I can chat and be obnoxiously outgoing when around people but I would prefer to be by myself and just visit the insanity. I need a telecommuting job.

I love cauliflower. Mom and I have been enjoying the gold one quite a bit and I'm making aloo gobi tonight for dinner. Both the gold and the purple varieties make a beautiful soup presentation but I prefer the taste of the gold, the purple is a little bland. Cauliflower makes a good substitute for fried potatoes and since we like spicy foods I'll have this recipe sometime next week.

I was so cold (Green Bay is warmer!) I could barely sleep last night. I covered the plants last night and I think I'll keep the heater on tonight. Not high but enough to keep the temperature above 50 degrees. I prefer tropical weather but I don't think we'll be feeling that any time soon.

Update: I'm adding this link to a meme for a poor starving graduate student who is trying to track the speed of a meme across the web. Link, ping Technorati and ask others to do the same. Done!

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  1. Castro Valley is actually where my daughter goes to school. The last time our town made the news it was because the beautifully informed citizenry wanted a modern art sign announcing that you were entering town to be removed because it was "ugly".

    So now, we have s bare spot where the sign used to stand and a $150,000 piece of public sculpture moldering in a warehouse.

    I really wish I lived as carefree a life as my other Castro Vallians.