Thursday, November 30, 2006

Freaks, Geeks And Eeks

This is a really good article about the state of sex education in this country and how uninformed our youth are about their sexual health. Abstinence does not always work and there should be a Plan B, but there isn't.

My father had somewhat the same approach to teaching me sex education. He would leave pamphlets for me to read since I told him we were not discussing that subject. Ewww! He made sure that I learned how my body functioned to prevent an negative consequences. One of the many things I am grateful to my Dad for.

The prison population is increasing at a phenomenal rate, with women being the fastest growing segment and we call ourselves an advanced society. No child left behind doesn't really mean anything to power hungry people does it? How can this be good for the country? Why can't we come up with a less destructive solution to the "drug" problem?

Data won the Copley Medal also but that's not mentioned. Of course that's in the future and it's fiction but humor is appreciated by geeks. Stephen Hawking is correct in stating that we need to colonize other worlds to protect ourselves from extinction. Congratulations, you are in august company.

This is major pet peeve of mine and it seems I'm not alone. I can go into a store and find semi-opened packages or some with the contents completely missing and then it takes me forever when I'm at home with scissors to even create an air pocket much less remove the item I paid for. Sometimes I even get hurt in the process. CDs really get my goat. So many little strips of plastic that shred instead of open. Grrr.

Dude, shut up. Nobody cares anymore. With every speech you show your disconnect and disrespect of the voters and I'm tired of hearing you babble and create more trouble.

Does anybody really care? There are almost two years before the election and anything can and more than likely will happen to change the country's perception of who should be the least disliked candidate to run the country for the next four years. The moral of this story being ...don't bore us too soon.

Some people are never happy and these people are a lousy example to their children. Another shining example of the more money than brains philosophy. Some schools don't have sports programs at all.

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