Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Escape From Reality Tuesday

Food cravings and some advice for handling them. I eat chocolate occasionally but if I have a craving it is for something like sushi or Mexican food. I definitely trend toward the salty side of the equation and I find that a fresh tomato or cucumber with salt helps to reduce the madness. Around the holidays I indulge in my love of yams and sweet potatoes, til I burst.

Ninety days stretches into more than three years. Interesting how we now know more about certain areas of Mars than we do about manholes where the remains are still being found at the World Trade Center, five years later and at least 36 million miles closer.

This looks like the only way I am ever going to get into space, none of that Earth return nonsense. I wonder if I can lock in the rate by paying ahead?

I wonder if Ernestine can get her old job back? She had the right attitude for the entity that she was skewering.

Favorite line (paraphrased) on Heroes last night. "So I can fly, I don't know karate, don't have a badge or a gun, what am I going to do when I get there?" Nathan is all about himself, he's probably going to be part of the dark side. Little brothers can be a pain or a help. Peter's a good guy (thinks quickly on his seat) and Claire's brother was swayed from his terror by love of his sister. Save the cheerleader, save the world. Or NBC's season, whichever comes first.

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