Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank Goodness That's Over

At least I hope it is. I can honestly say that I didn't vote a straight Democratic ticket, I deviated on a couple of people. What interested me the most was how many of the candidates have been on the ballot for most of my voting life. They just seem to run for another office when their current term is up. Have they ever had regular jobs?

I haven't done a real food post in a while but after having my life threatened by the racist neighbor next door I feel in the need for some comfort food and since it is going to rain, I might make stew or pot roast.

Last Sunday I made a variation (I have one of those barbecue things so I don't need an actual beer can) of Beer Can Chicken, but with Calvados (apple brandy) as the base. I flavored it with mesquite seasoning and cooked it over coals with Jack Daniels wood chips. The skin was nice, brown and crispy and it tasted like...bacon. The house smelled like bacon for two days.

One of my neighbors brought me a bag of fresh picked jalapenos and I fire-roasted those. They were so good that I ate five of them and then made a rough pico de gallo with parsley and tomatoes from my garden for dinner the next night. It rocked the taste buds.

It doesn't look like the rest of the tomatoes are going to ripen on the vine so I think I'll make Fried Green Tomatoes tomorrow.

As I've stated before, I have a fondness for yams and sweet potatoes. One Thanksgiving I went to a potluck and ate twenty seven different sweet potato dishes, some twice. I was in heaven except that I couldn't stand up and wasn't hungry (don't forget the dessert!) for almost twenty four hours.

For years I have been saying that cooking and chemistry are the same, except one you can eat the results and the other can be explosive if not careful. Almost the same math and you can even substitute some of the mechanical apparatus. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

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  1. Great idea. Fill the neighbourhood with delicious smells to further mess with your asshole neighbours mind!