Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hacking The Template

Yeah, I'm playing with the template again. I've implemented three of Ramani's comment hacks. The first one just changes the color of the blog authors comments, the second one lets me notify someone (provided they left their email!) that I've responded and the last one added comments to the sidebar. Again, but this time using a widget based on JSON.

Sounds like I know what I'm talking about, doesn't it? I don't, but cut and paste is my friend. I have a Master's I should be able to follow directions. Especially clear ones. Thanks Ramani. Now I just need someone to chat me up.

I like my two sidebars, have no idea how I did it since I have a flexible template and was just playing around. It was one of the first hacks I tried but since I was using a different template I had to play with the instructions. I just played with it until it did what I wanted. I like to use all of my screen real estate. One of the things I've noticed about other's sidebars is that some of the post will overrun the sidebar, making it illegible.

Singpolyma has a one click feed widget. He was the one who came up with peekaboo comments. I've added him to the quirky hackers list.

Another addition is Vivek, who came up with making the blogger labels searchable in Technorati. Now that's really cool. Did you notice the peekaboo nav bar? It's been hiding for a few weeks. I like not seeing it and staying within the terms of service.

Oh well, on to finding new Firefox extensions. You are using Firefox, aren't you? I know you're not, Sitemeter tells me so.


  1. One of these days I'll get around to playing around with my blog template. You've certainly done a lot!

    How's the foot, by the way? Any improvement?


  2. One of the benefits of waiting is that in a few weeks it will all be push and play. You find something you like and you install the widget. Then drag n' drop where you want.

    No more figuring out what the heck they are talking about when they say "insert code here". Thought I admit I enjoyed the journey. I am a geek at heart.

  3. I've been hacking on mine as well. Just started using negative widths--a nifty little trick that really cleans up the CSS for doing positioning of variable width columns. Not quite right though...