Saturday, November 25, 2006

I Hate Shopping!

Especially during the holiday season. The crowds, the parking, the incessant repetitive music, the mess, the long lines, the attitudes and the noise all make me want to roast somebody's chestnuts. It all grates on my last nerve. I'm not a scrooge but I hate this time of year. The false frivolity and artificial sentimentality get worse with every celebration of an arcane festival. Thank goodness the lights are pretty.

This is one lucky cat. Sort of.

Some professions should be held to a higher standard. When you are able to influence life and death, you should do your job without prejudice and do it correctly.

This week's winner of the "How can I be any stupider?" award, is this brilliant young man from Rockville, MD. Yes, as his mother so eloquently pointed out, he is brain-damaged. Stupid, too.

The Bush regime once again exposes its disdain of women. The Argentinians seem to be more concerned with the security of Jenna and notJenna than the Secret Service. This is going a little far in trying to provoke an incident, wouldn't you say? There really isn't much excuse for dangling your daughters out as bait. If they are that disposable, they should have enlisted for Iraq.

What would Miss Manners think? Personal hygiene is important, but not worth going to jail over.

Live long and prosper. As long as you were born with the right genes, at the right time.

How to buy nothing. Interesting article with some good tips and a few that require a little bit of a rethink. I don't know if it is a good thing to train your kids to ask you questions like that in public.

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  1. That cat has beautiful eyes.

    The defendant's lawyer and mom should maybe have searched him before he went into court!