Monday, November 27, 2006

Sex, Health And Money

Male birth control. Nice idea except that the rate of STD's will increase as people rationalize they don't need condoms.

But if you want to have children, especially healthy ones, sooner rather than later is best, whether you are male or female.

Absolutely, positively, wonderful! Pilates is a great idea for Parkinson's. For advanced cases Feldenkrais is a great technique for balance, flexibility and reduction of pain. I'm willing to bet that Tai Chi would also be of great benefit.

If I could afford it, I would take my own advice. It's been a little over a week since I returned to being able to wear shoes. My leg is emaciated and I suffer from muscle spasms as everything tries to adjust. What disturbs me the most is the pain in my ankle, I can't cross my ankles or take the weight of the covers on my toes but the original pain is gone. My knee was not happy with the cast and aches constantly but I love having the freedom to drive again.

An expensive library for a man who is proud of not reading. Pricey too. Probably needs a whole wing just for his many "signing" statements. That's my two cents worth. You can donate more, it's anonymous.

I'm so far in debt that the poor have left me behind. Who knew that those who can't, can earn more money critiquing those who can? It takes the Peter Principle to a whole new level.

I know I'm happier with money. It helps to eliminate some of the daily irritations and leaves me free to deal with life, instead of living. To be able to show Mom a good time every day would make me very happy.

I'm a traveler, I'm never going to put down permanent roots, it's not in my makeup. It might have something to do with the military moving us around so much when I was a little kid, but I like meeting new people, seeing new countries and best of all, tasting new food. It wouldn't take much to meet my happiness level. Curiosity is a wonderful thing. And it's free.


  1. people rationalize they don't need condoms.

    That would be quite a rationalization.

  2. Just this once has resulted in quite a few ...descendants. Heat of the moment and all that. Who is to say that once the threat of pregnancy is removed that people won't become even more lax in protection?

  3. I think many forget to use protection in the heat of the moment.