Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Talking, Ranting And Smoking

Another study that determines that women talk three times more than men. Sigh. I have to disagree with the author's black and white conclusions. There is no allowance or discussion of the effect of homosexuality on the brain. What a sexist presentation! I also think about sex more than once a day. I may not think about it every 52 seconds like a guy (all of them? are you sure?) but I know I think about sex at least once an hour. Does that make me a small international airport?

How about we start with you? This country survived for over two hundred years with people freely speaking their minds. Instead of restricting and eliminating the Bill of Rights for the masses, how about we spend some time eliminating the causes that force people to feel disenfranchised? Or is that a little too simple a concept for a control freak?

Until the mission is complete? What does that mean? Because the only way to get rid of a fanatic is to eliminate them, their friends, every relative and friends of the relatives until no one is left alive who might take up the cause. We have created many fanatics and not all of them are located in the country we have led into a civil war. But then you would have to read and be able to understand the reports, wouldn't you?

It's your fault Mr. Bush, not al-Qaeda's. You made them legitimate, instead of locating and eliminating Osama bin Forgotten, you just had to destroy a sovereign country, instigate instability and terror in a volatile area, cause the deaths of tens of thousand of innocent women and children and now you want to blame it on the convenient bogeyman.

When are you going to grow up and take responsibility for your actions? When is it finally going to be your fault instead of someone who has been out of office for years? When are you going to be a President in truth instead of a power hungry pretend President? When are you going to face reality? How can history perceive you kindly when the present despises you and all that you stand for?

Do or do not, there is no good halfway solution. If you smoke and don't want to quit, understand that you are likely to die of heart disease, stroke or cancer and quit complaining. If don't smoke you should understand that you are likely to die of a heart attack or stroke, just not as soon as a smoker. Nobody gets out of here alive. Of course, mom is 76 and still smokes a pack a day. Do you think genes might have something to do with it?

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  1. If they'd listen to us the FIRST time, we wouldn't have to repeat ourselves!