Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Web Wonders

I thought I would geek out this morning because politics is in that boring stage where nothing a citizen says, thinks or feels makes any difference.

So I run across this article in the NY Times about aching feet to see if my problem is mentioned. Yup, next to last. Hallux Limitus. Of all the foot problems it is the one most suffered by men. Figures. I've never worn heels for more than a few hours (sort of like makeup, looks good at first but then it starts irritating me physically), didn't do too much aerobics because of the ex-chest, and I've always worn extra wide shoes.

Fifth wonder of the world. Not bad. I've been on the Internets for over ten years and I've only just started to use the Google on a somewhat regular basiis.

This is a nice idea that is fraught with problems. Deploying space mirrors to warm a section of Mars sounds good on the surface but right off hand I can think of three problems. One, damage to the mirrors from space debris or for any reason could be fatal to those below. Two, oxygen? They would still have to carry around breathing apparatus. Three, changing the local weather patterns won't be local for long. Or so says chaos theory. Mother nature might be on more than one planet.

It was only a matter of time. And ingenuity. Wireless power. No more cables, no more hooks. Wireless power for our PowerBooks! Plus the flatscreen mounted on the wall won't have an ugly wire hanging down to the outlet. Bluetooth capabilities from cable and dvd players would really remove the clutter.

I love brussels sprouts and one of my favorite recipes is this one for the holidays. I made this recipe for a party where people said they didn't eat brussels sprouts, not one was left. Simmering in chicken broth removes the bitterness and the pine nuts add the finishing touch. I substitute half and half for the whipping cream.


  1. Tired of politics too.

    I have never understood high heels. They look painful.

    When something allows a person to communicate so quickly with people so far away it is a wonder

    I think that those at NASA are smoking something funny at times

    How about wireless power for my old pickup truck!

    You know I eat just about anything. But never the sprouts!

  2. Brussels sprouts have gotten a bad rap. Most people don't know how to cook them, they either overcook or undercook.

    They are compact little cabbages. Yum, Yum.

  3. I like cabbage, but don't like the sprouts.

    Feet issues? Fungus toenail and plantar fasciitis. I cured the fasciitis using a night splint; nothing else worked. Fungus? Still there. I refuse to take a pill that could possibly damage my liver just to make my left large toenail look nicer!


  4. Mixter have you tried garlic for the fungus?