Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bursting Bubble Boy's Bubble

Isn't going to happen. In the real world it would have burst on impact but his has shown great resiliency, even now. Historically when things haven't gone the way he wanted, he called Poppy to bail him out. Having spent the last six years trying to show the world that in all things Oedipal he was better than daddy, accepting help no matter how badly needed, is not what he has in mind for his "legacy."

He made a point of saying a few years ago that he takes advice from a "higher power" than his father which only showed that he doesn't listen to anybody, not even God. Because if he did, he would have obeyed at least one of the Ten Commandments, you know the one. Honor thy father (not touching the mother thing!) doesn't exist in the Bush bubble. Actually he treats the Commandments the way he treats the Bill of Rights, with absolute utter disdain. Between the killing, the stealing, the coveting, and the worshiping of false idols there isn't much left to accomplish that God said don't do.

Meanwhile, back on this side of the blogosphere we notice that more than one columnist now feels brave enough to point out that the emperor has no clothes. The ever popular Modo (behind the hideous NY Times paywall) lets loose once again with the aptly titled Oval Intervention, the so-called "fictional" behind closed doors attempt to bring Junior back to reality.

From the until recently quiescent Eleanor Clift, comes another observation on Poppy's little breakdown from earlier this week, which happened to match my own. Wrong boy got the right job and destroyed everything that Poppy had worked for, I almost feel sorry for him. Not.

You raised a son whose idea of a consensus is for everyone to do what he wants, not for him to compromise for the greater good. The greater good to him is whatever makes him feel good at the moment. Great parenting, no wonder you were a one term President.

Picking and choosing intelligence (!) is part of the reason we got into the mess in Iraq and bubble boy still feels confident picking and choosing which parts of the Iraq War Group's report that he thinks are important and the advice that should be disregarded. It doesn't matter that the American publics wishes mirrors the recommendations in the report or that the Iraqi peoples wishes mirror the American peoples. What matters is that he can use one line to justify his position. As if that makes everything right.

Nice way to run a country. Into the ground.

Anybody seen that Osama (not Obama) bin Forgotten guy lately? Dead or alive, another promise conveniently forgotten.


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