Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Funnies, Peculiar Not HaHa

Some people have lost their minds. Suspension and a mark on his school record. It used to apply to high school students, now it's prekindergarten. A four year old suspended for inappropriate touching because of a hug. Methinks the teachers aide protested a little too much, you know what I mean? Wink, wink. There's political correctness, sexual boundaries and most important of all and sorely lacking here, common sense.

Where are all the new rocket scientists going to come from? Certainly not from the restrictive school system from above and probably not from a public elementary school near you. How can kids aspire to a space program without incentives such as role models, realistic goals from society or advancements in space travel. For today's youth all they know is that Space Shuttles blow up, either taking off or landing. There have been no magical moments to inspire for thirty years. Sigh.

As I've stated before, I'm not fond of playing games but I might try out this new Firefly online game when it becomes available. I really enjoyed Firefly and the universe it was set in. These aren't the fans to irritate as whoever screwed up the Flanvention are about to find out. People were on their way already. Wankers.

Gee, why start now? It's only been longer than our involvement in World War Two, what took so long for this brilliant idea? Supposedly this was supposed to be the goal all along. As the Iraqis step up, we'll step down. Wasn't that one of the many promises we've been told for the last few years? Now we're finally going to beef up the training of Iraqi troops. Ah yes, another example of the lack of planning for the after invasion of a sovereign country. Hmm, my plan from a year or two ago still sounds viable and would have accomplished the "goal" by now. Why don't they do their basic training like we do? On bases and away from home and distractions. I guess that's too simple.

Chicken fried bacon. All righty then.

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  1. Demonstrating once again why "zero tolerance" policies are for the "zero brained".