Saturday, December 30, 2006

Death, Death, Sex and Death

Shades of Ceausescu. Not really but almost similar, in a nightmarish type of way. Plus I like the way it sounded. Good riddance, you don't quality for the RIP file because you don't deserve it, payback is painful (something we never learn) and people from the Middle East have very long memories. Bush is finally successful at something besides making the rich, richer but this is sure to have unforeseen (at least for the crew without a clue) consequences.

Meanwhile, not to burst your bubble, while everyone in the MSM gloats over a false "victory", back in the real world they are expanding the search for bones at the World Trade Center. Five years later. That Osama guy is where? Over five years later and New York still has a big hole in the ground with stray body parts and the perpetrator is free to live as he wishes. Nothing like getting sidetracked from the real objective.

Of course, that's assuming there is an objective.

When I was younger this was at the top of the yuck chart. My, how times have changed. It seems that older people like age appropriate sex videos. NetFlix doesn't have it as a category, I checked.

Ten things that your hospital or gas station or cruise line won't tell you. I read the ten things your gym won't tell you.

Will we or won't we? Manage to have 3000 troops killed by the end of the year? It was only fourteen months ago that we crossed the 2000 mark. That's quite a few lives that have been ruined in the pursuit of a man that had nothing to do with September 11 or the terrorism that has been visited upon us, or will be.

Let's recap, shall we. Osama bin Forgotten, mastermind of 9/11 is still free. Gaddafi, a man that Ronald Reagan described as the "mad dog of the Middle East" is still free, but very quiet. That guy with the bad hair in North Korea that babbles about nuclear weapons? Still free. We do nothing about the genocide in Africa (what the heck, they aren't even brown, they're black), but we managed to devastate a country, instigate a civil war in the same country, drag a guy out of a hole, have the worst puppet trial in history and then have him executed in a hurry to take the focus off of Gerald Ford's posthumous admission that he didn't approve of the Iraq war.

I guess if you weren't one of the almost three thousand Americans killed, the fifteen thousand or so that are wounded, the scores of Iraqis that have been killed as collateral damage or an Iraqi family that has lost family members in the last three years for one reason or another, it was a pretty cheap price to pay for personal satisfaction and the opportunity to show up one's father.

Thank you Mr. President.

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