Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Stupid Alert

Scientists, no matter how smart they are, can be rather clueless at the same time. Or as Nikola Tesla once observed, they can build a structure that has no basis in reality.

Today's nominee for stupid quote and or question, is from an article in Scientific American and it's a beaut.
"One of the other problems we've been trying to explain in human reproduction is why is it that women all over the world been having fewer children whenever they get access to contraception or more education," says Dr. Penn. "If women bear a higher cost for reproduction than men, then this might help explain why when they get control over their reproduction, they would have fewer children."
Gee, why is it so difficult for some people to wrap their heads around the idea that if women are given a choice that they will limit childbearing? I mean who wouldn't enjoy having their body held hostage for at least thirty years, subject to hijacking by a parasite that can be created without the consent of the host? Then there is that whole messy inconvenience if there is no parasite creation. And then there is the possibility that the parasite survives and draws even more energy from you. Yup, I can see where you might have to study the issue. Especially if you're clueless.

Speaking of dumb things being said, someone compiled a list of 50 dumbest Bush statements. I don't know if all of them qualify and certainly some are missing but it is interesting reading.

I guess it's just that kind of morning. Did you know that not only can one build oneself a McMansion, but now you can also build a Mini-Me version? Who says Americans aren't disconnected from reality?

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